+ The In My Skin Project

black women carry the meaning of strength beneath the depths of their skin, literally.
— herbeautyspeaks, she of melanin skin.

the inmyskin project, series by herbeautyspeaks, is an online series where women of all walks of life come together and share their journey of self-discovery. each woman speaks on the struggles that it took to get to where they are today; comfortable in their own skin. As a woman of color, I feel as though it is very important that we continue to remind our fellow sisters of the beauty, strength, and worth that we hold as a community. This series is an ode to every woman of color who knows what it is like to struggle and overcome adversity. herbeautyspeaks is now working on her first book of collected poems that will help inspire women through their self-love journey, which covers the good, the bad, and the ugly. her book inmyskin will be available for purchase sometime next year.