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- The Writer


Introducing, a poet. a friend. the ultimate storyteller. a man of great influence. 

1. What is your name and where are you from ?  

D - My name is DaVíon Lee, but I go by Dáe, a nickname given to me years back, and is also easier for people to remember, haha.

2. When was the first time you picked up a pen ? 

D - I began writing when I was about 10. In the 4th grade, we had writing prompts and I fell in love with the craft once I began to visualize my experiences and emotions to paper.

3. What inspires you to write ?  

D - Life, honestly. Everything I've been through, everything I'm going through, and everything I will go through inspires me to dig deeper within myself and learn who I am in those moments.

4. What is your creative process like ?  

D - I tend to base everything off of how I'm feeling. I don't like to force the process, however when I feel like something needs to be said for my own sake, I write every single thing I'm feeling in that moment or whatever comes to my head. Then once expel all of those thoughts in my head, I'm able to create.

5. Who is the person that influences your poems the most ?  

D - while there are people that inspire me to write, like my love, a lot of my writing is feeling-based.

6. When did you realize that you had a passion for writing ? 

D - My passion for writing came from me feeling like I was the only one who understood me. I was afraid to talk to people, so I would just escape in my writing. I realized I had a passion for it when I began to fall in love with conversing with people. I fell in love with sharing experiences and the lessons I've learned along my journey with others in hopes that it can help them.

7. What are some accomplishments that you hope to conquer this year or in the future ?  

D - I hope to release my book this year, I've been working on it for almost a year now, with the concept being created about 3 years ago. Once I do that I'm hoping that I'm able to travel and share my story across the country and world. I also wish to write an independent film as well as a web series, but I'm patient in this process. I don't want to give half of myself in all the mediums that interests me. So for now, the book comes first.

8. Has being a writer influenced the way you see the world ? If so, in what way ?

D - Yes, most definitely. Writing has helped me process my emotions and also understand the makings of the world around me. Learning what makes people tick, and how society works, helps me with my writing as my writing helps me understand the world a bit better.

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 Dáe is a writer, and a ultimate storyteller who is based in Los Angeles, California. He uses his power of writing his thoughts out to help men and women who are going through issues that are similar to his. His voice speaks for those who aren't afraid to say how they feel, for those who have love for the anatomy and mind of a woman (especially, the black woman), and for those who are in advoacy of equal rights for the black community. 

His writings can be found here