- The Inspiration


Introducing, an inspiration. a woman of power. a influencer. a source of hope.

1. What is your name and where are you from? 

B - Hello my name is Brittany Garrett. Many know me as BeeGee or @HauOvThickness which is my instagram name. I am born and raised in the concrete jungles of  New York City.

2. What compelled you to create a movement such as Dear Fat Girl? 

B - For the longest of time I wanted to start blogging but I kept procrastinating. At the beginning of 2016 I decided that I would stop making excuses and walk in my purpose to inspire other women. Dear Fat Girl came about because I wanted to be transparent with my readers. I wanted the stories I wrote to be diary entries of my life experiences and how I overcame them. Just like when we are little girls we write in our diaries and Begin it with Dear Diary,  Dear fat girl is essential the diary of my life and my thoughts used to inspire and encourage all women.

3. Since the launch of Dear Fat Girl, have you received more positive or negative feedback? 

B - So far I have received only positive feedback from people in regards to Dear Fat Girl. I wouldn't consider this negative but some people specifically men have stated they didn’t like the term FAT and thought it maybe offensive. After explaining the purpose behind the use of FAT to them, their minds changed. Fat isn’t meant to offend anyone but empower them.

4. How do you deal with harsh comments and notions from those of society concerning the Dear Fat Girl movement ? 

B - Honestly, I don’t pay attention to the negative because there are far more positive people into DFG and that's what I want to focus on. At the start of this project I said to myself that if I only inspired one person than my purpose was being fulfilled. The reality of this is that there will be people who do not support the things you do and do not agree but the important part is that you remain focus on who's in this for you and your growth.

5.  Who do you hope to inspire through

B - I am hoping to first continue to inspire myself and building up who I am as a woman. Secondly I am hoping that I inspire ALL women regardless of shape , size , race , socioeconomic background it doesn't matter because we are all WOMBman. We are the greatest gift to the world. So I hope to inspire women to find the strength to heal all the hurt that they've ever felt from being the girl no one appreciated. I want people to just be able to feel like they have a friend and that they are not alone in their battle to love themselves. More importantly I want it to touch women of all shapes and sizes . Dear fat girl isn't just about the girl they deem to be physically fat it's about the girl who's mentally struggling with fat. DFG motto is "Remember Fat isn't always physical, sometimes it's a mindset." I want people to realize that fat isn't always something you see, it's something we feel , something we think & when we aren't sure about who we are then it's like negative baggage we carry out that's the fat mindset.

6. Are there any future plans for, if so care to share? If not, that's okay too. 

B - I have a couple of major projects I am hoping to launch through DFG. I am planning my meet and greet that will occur later in the year which is going to be amazing! I’ll keep the theme a secret because when the promo is launched I’m sure everyone is going to LOVE it. Along with planning my meet and greet, I will also be launching a community service initiative entitled Project RHO (Restoring Hope to Others) collecting clothing for young women who demonstrate a financial need and setting up a store where they can come shop (free) and learn the importance of looking good on a budget. 

Brittany, is the founder of the movement Dear Fat Girl — a movement that inspires and encourages women to love their body no matter the shape or size. She is a woman of inspiration, one who is working towards building her brand and spreading nothing but love and hope to women of all sizes and shapes. Brittany hopes to uplift as many women as she is meant to while never forgetting her purpose and calling.