+ Q. Gibson


The In My Skin Project Series & Q. Gibson


One: What is your name and where are you located ? 

Q: My name is Q. (Quanishia) Gibson and I am located in Ohio. Born and raised in Cleveland, currently working and living in Reynoldsburg a small city right outside of Columbus.

Two: What do you feel is your calling in life?

Q: I feel my calling in life is to use the gifts I have to uplift and empower humans, primarily women. I am very passionate about writing and visual forms of creativity. I like to use them to build community, promote transparency and tell meaningful stories.

Three: When did you realize your self-worth and how has this journey of self-discovery been for you? What have you learned the most about yourself?

Q: That's tough. I realized my self-worth long ago, at a very young age. But have I always stayed true to it? No. I think realizing and walking in your worthiness is an ongoing process. This is real life, we often fall short in actually getting what we are worth or even realizing our worth in many ways. Whether it be an experience in love, career, self-journey etc some days we are hardcore advocates for our worthiness and then again some days we fall short for many reasons known and unknown. The journey of self-discovery has been a beautiful, trying, rewarding and ongoing one for me. I am constantly learning and unlearning myself. I am falling more in love with myself each day and I believe that allowing yourself room for imperfection is one of the main keys to discovering your worth and yourself. I've learned most that I am worthy of right kinds of love, right kinds of friendships, the right kinds of opportunities and more. But I've also learned that I must be willing to stand for that even on the days when I feel inadequate. Its a process and knowing that has created room for all kinds of self-love, forgiveness, exploration and rejuvenation.

Four: How have your struggles helped you to become a better woman?

Q: My struggles have allotted me so much space to dream and to persevere. My struggles have given me the opportunity to see just how much I share in common with other women. I won't go much into detail about them but I have had a lot of small and large struggles in my life's journey thus far. They have all in return given me the desire to create with deeper meaning, write better stories, and share rawer experiences. There's no growth without a little (or a lot) of rain right?

Five: Who or what motivates you to create?

Q: My family and friends motivate me to write, dream, and create. For as long as I can remember they have always supported me in my venture and stood beside my aspirations. Coming from the community I am from family is everything, friendship is everything and the lack thereof can really make or break you in the attaining of certain goals, well at least from some of the things I've seen thus far. I honestly don't know how significant my work would be without community and the motivation from family and friends.

Six: What is your long time passion in life?

Q: My long term passion is to be a widely read writer/author. I started out doing a lot of short poetry and am now venturing into short stories hoping to work my way into novels. I want to build a platform and community around my works that serves a greater purpose, that serves humankind. Ultimately I hope to keep writing books well into old age and hopefully have some works traditionally published. Lastly, I want to continue being a part of communities or nurturing communities that serve the greater good of womankind specifically their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Seven: If you could give any tips or advice to the young girls and women around the world who suffer from loving and accepting who they are, what would you say?

Q: Don't beat yourself up, take your time. Don't compare. Find your strengths. This can be easier said than done but its true. We are so hard on ourselves in this society, this era, this day and age. We want to be "successful", "beautiful", "well off" and so many other things that in my opinion are not as important as the internal matters. Be more gentle with yourself. Everyone has faults, imperfections, and mishaps that we think are avoidable or non-existent due to the media we indulge in. Stop comparing your imperfect to someone's perfections and vice versa. Nurture your short-comings with love and capitalize on the things that make you unique. Build upon the things you love about yourself and the things you don't in my opinion will become less of a nuisance over time. It's all about balance and mindset; knowing that no one is perfect and just having a sense of gratitude about the things that make you. YOU.

Eight: What do you feel needs to be told to our beautiful women of color? Do you feel that we women of color hear those words often? If not, what can we do as a community to change that. . .

Q: Two things I would say to our women of color is one, "You are enough" and two "There is strength in numbers". It can sound a tad cheesy I guess but that's what I have for our women right now. I see so many of us trying to bend ourselves into so much and do everything, be everything and I just want to say that you are enough. I also believe in community and with that being said we need to do more with supporting our women; supporting each other. Social media has granted me the opportunity to meet so many women on and offline. Black and not Black. But there is also a sort of elitism on social media as well that can sometimes be a wall against the idea of creating this sense of community with like-minded people. Also just in regards to supporting the ventures, stories, ideas, goals of one another I believe there is so much impact to be made and that can be made by delving deeper into community especially as Black women.  I feel we hear and speak these words often but don't actually act on them unless they are in some way to our benefit. Which I can understand in many cases, but in most cases, I believe the transparency and authenticity behind simply building and connecting community are key, it's major. We all have some work to do. We can all take more action, step out from behind our digitalized selves and BE in the community, be a part of our sister's stories, be THERE for each other in actuality. 

Are there any social media links that you'd like to share, if so please do not hesitate to leave the links down below.

Q: I can be found on instagram @Q.Gibson on twitter I am fairly new to actually writing tweets there but @QGibson_ and I can also be reached through my website at