+ ted

The in his skin project, now presents a talk with ted:

001: What is your name and where do you currently reside ?

T - Ted Wimbush and I live in Charlotte, NC. 

002: Who influences your life the most ? 

T - God

003: What is your purpose in life?

T - My purpose is to create, may sound cliche but I really don't focus on anything else. 

004: What are your thoughts on the place that black men hold in society? 

T - Black men are kings, we are the most feared species on this earth.

005: What do you hope for people to gather from your work? 

T - I hope that people start to appreciate god's creation without today's twisted idea of beauty. I shoot all of my models natural and I dont take away any "flaws" on their bodies. I'm a realist. 

006: How has love helped you become a stronger man? 

T -  Love makes me do nothing more than appreciate the time I have on this earth to create more things with my loved ones beside me along the way. They support me the most.

007: When did you realize that you were comfortable in your own skin? 

T - When someone else accepted it just as much as I did.

008: What do you love most about being a man of color ? 

T - Being able to prove myself. Being able to be a part of such a strong culture. 

009: Name some lessons that a woman has taught you. . . 

T - To appreciate what you have. To understand what they have to bring to the table. I can lower my pride and say this would be a terrible place without the nurturing that we get from women. They do some things men just can't do, vice versa.