what is the campaign about?

The In My Skin Campaign is a movement that encourages black women and men to share their journeys unapologetically through a series of inspirational storytelling. We strive to ensure that every woman and man knows of their power, strength, and beauty. We aim to inspire all black women and men to love every part of their being and journey. 

 why was the inmyskin project series created? 

The In My Skin Project Series — In the month of December of 2015, herbeautyspeaks created a project by the name of the inmyskin & in his skin project, series as a way for other beautiful black women and men to share their journey of self-discovery. As a way to pay homage to all of those who know what it is like to struggle and overcome adversity. Both series includes stories from many black women and men ranging from photographers, poets, social activists, feminists, authors, designers, entrepreneurs, expressionists, and many more. Each week, we will feature the story of a black woman or man who is on the journey of growing comfortable in their own skin. 

what is stories of hope about ? 

Our mini segment — Stories of Hope, allows the stories of black women and men to be told without any guilt or shame. We share stories pertaining to self-love, healing, self-awareness, overcoming social injustices of the black community, and breaking away from the negative connotations that society has placed on black women and men. Each story speaks of experiences that many black women and men can realte to. Each story is told with honesty and truth. Consider us, your personal diary . . . if you will.