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The inmyskin project, series now presents a talk with elodie:

one: what is your name and where are you located ?

E - My name is Elodie Aroura. I am originally from Denver, Co, however I currently live in Atlanta, Ga.

two: what do you feel is your calling in life ?

E - My purpose in life is to help others realize their greatest potential, & use there gifts to help change the world.

three: when did you realize your self-worth and how has this journey of self-discovery been for you ? what have you learned the most about yourself ?

E - My purpose in life is to help others realize their greatest potential, & use there gifts to help change the world.

four: how has your struggles helped you to become a better woman ?

E - Overcoming those moments I never thought I'd come back from gives me the mindset of taking on anything. I believe the 'struggle' builds character.

five: who or what motivates you to create ?

E - The reason why I create, my purpose is my biggest motivation.

six: what is your long time passion in life ?

E - I'm very passionate about a lot of things, this honestly changes for me. I guess I would say being happy with very little to worry about would be my long time passion.

seven: if you could give any tips or advice to the young girls and women around the world who suffer with loving and accepting who they are, what would you say ?

E - You have the power to create your reality, you have the option to choose what you believe in, and what you want. Anyone suffering from loving or accepting themselves is having a hard time creating themselves. You are who you want to be not who you're told you are. Learn more about yourself and accept everything about you because that's what makes you a unique individual. It's not easy but it's worth a shot.

eight: what do you feel needs to be told to our beautiful women of color ? do you feel that us women of color hear those words often ? if not, what can we do as a community to change that. . .

E - Woman of color don't hear that they are beautiful, or that they are worth more than they are told. Not only do we have to start uplifting ourselves we must uplift each other. Keep a positive mindset never try to bring anyone down, and don't allow anyone to bring you down. Stay gold!

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