+ zaccheus

The in his skin project, now presents a convo with Zaccheus:

001: What is your name and where do you currently reside ?

Z - Zaccheus Clyburn and I'm currently in Greenville, SC 

002: Who influences your life the most ? 

Z - My mother and Wiz Khalifa.

003: What is your purpose in life?

Z - My purpose in life is to bring happiness to myself, and those around me, I feel like there should always be a positive vibe around and that's me.

004: What are your thoughts on the place that black men hold in society? 

Z - Black men are so much more powerful than they let themselves be. We hold ourselves back more than anything. Some of the best inventions in the world were created by black men, music, art, food, innovative ideas, etc. I think we can all rise up and hold a better position in the world.

005: What do you hope for people to gather from your work? 

Z - With anything that I create I put my mind and heart into it. I hope that I can connect with people that have went through or are going through the same things as me and we can all find a balance in life. 

006:  How has love helped you become a stronger man? 

Z - I've been at my lowest before, and the thought of happiness and love really changed me and gave me a new perspective on life because you truly only get one to live. I only want to spread love and positivity. 

007: When did you realize that you were comfortable in your own skin? 

Z -  I used to not like the skin I was in, not my color, but myself in general. I always thought I wasn't cute enough or something was always wrong with me because of society. After the end of 2014 when I had that new outlook on life i came to conclusion that everyone is different and that's what makes us unique. Being yourself is all that matters because its YOUR life! When I'm older I don't want to look back and wish I had lived my life differently because of the thoughts of others.

008:  What do you love most about being a man of color ? 

Z - I love being a man of color because when I walk into a room theres a automatic presence of power. People feel it, especially people not of color, and especially when they think you're not supposed to be there. Being a black man provides you with life lessons everyday because nothing is handed to you. We're praised so much and hated so much at the same time. And only the greats know that feeling. 

009: Name some lessons that a woman has taught you. . . 

Z - My mother taught me a lot growing up. From music, to how to treat women, to how hard I will have to work to be successful in the world. I've had female friends teach me the importance of friendship and caring. Black women that I've encountered have taught me to love my black women and to never look down on them.