+ Women of Color

August 8, 2015 | The Black Woman Part II

black woman, it's the beauty in your laugh, it's the strength in your cry, it's the love within your heart, It's the glow of your skin that shines from within, melanin. it's in the depths of your woman, it's the style and grace that you share. it's in the crevices of who you are where nothing but beauty lies. black woman, you weren't made to be like everyone else, you are more than one of a kind, black woman, may you never let these words slip from your mind.

— herbeautyspeaks, the black woman, part two. 


October 5, 2014 | Flowered Crown

She ran her fingers through her hair and brought out thorns. Tears filled her eyes and in a shocked state she fell for all the lies told to her by blue-eyed girls. Drowning in her sorrow, she no longer wanted to inhabit this being. Decorated in nappy petals that  reached towards the sky. She didn't realize the beauty in her crown. At night she dreamed the blonde hair dream. Only to wake in the morning to see dark-skinned nightmares. She went to the mirror and saw the most beautiful women in the world. Her mother and grandmother. In that moment, in that mirror she saw her true being and remembered what they used to say to her. "Beauty is pain", her mother used to say. "Praise to the Queen who realizes  beauty within herself", her grandmother used to say. At that moment she realized the true meaning of those sayings. Her crown was the definition, so she decorated it with flowers. She walked out into the world finally free. She was beauty and it radiated from her flowered hair to her sun-kissed skin.

 Akilah Khadija, Flowered Crown.