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+ Travis

The in his skin, project will now escape into the mind of Travis

001: What is your name and where do you currently reside ?

 T - Travis Matthews, Harlem, New York.

002:  Who influences your life the most ? 

 T - My mother.

003: What is your purpose in life?

T - My purpose in life is to inspire people through my pictures from the smallest thing possible to anything , so that they will take that inspiration and go out and create something and inspire someone else. Because there is so much to be created and if everyone is being inspired and inspiring each other, the world would be a better place.

004: What are your thoughts on the place that black men hold in society? 

T - I think it's a shame how we are looked upon, as if we aren't human beings or breathe the same air. The world to me is based upon perception and stereotypes and it's sad that if we are not perceived as something we are stereotyped by another. And it's unfair because we can't have the freedom to think and walk the road freely.

005: What do you hope for people to gather from your work? 

T - I hope people understand that there is nothing more beautiful than a black woman. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I capture their beauty simply because it was meant to be captured. And I think to myself if I don't capture it then who will.

006:  How has love helped you become a stronger man? 

T - My mom is constantly leading me in the right way, on the humble path. She shows me endless love and give me endless motivation and support. That is the best form of love to me. 

007: When did you realize that you were comfortable in your own skin? 

T - The day I became more conscious and started thinking on a higher level. The day I saw progress in my work. It gave me confidence in more than just photography. It confirmed that as a black man I am capable of doing anything that I set my mind to, and because of that I am now comfortable in my own skin.

008: What do you love most about being a man of color ? 

T - The fact that I am a man of color and when I accomplish something it's just not for me, it's for all men of color. 

009:  Name some lessons that a woman has taught you. . . 

T - Always be humble ! - Be a leader not a follower.