+ Shydeia Caldwell

one: what is your name and where are you located ?

S - My name is Shydeia Caldwell and I am located in Columbia, South Carolina. 

two: what do you feel is your calling in life ?

S - I know my life calling in life is to inspire others and own the healer that is birthed inside of me.

three: when did you realize your self-worth and how has this journey of self-discovery been for you ? what have you learned the most about yourself ?

S - I realized my self-worth when I was fed up with not feeling good enough. My journey of self-discovery has been an ever evolving circle of light, lessons, and growth.What I learned the most  about myself is that I don't give up on my passion no matter how many times I get burnt out at times. I go very hard for what I love and all that shows me love. 

four: how has your struggles helped you to become a better woman ?

S - My struggles have helped me become a better woman because I call my struggles. . .my lessons. I learn something new after I overcome each lesson. That is what molded me into the woman I am now in this present moment. 

five: who or what motivates you to create ?

S - I focus on motivating myself most of the time but the women who hold the beautiful spaces with me at Black Girl Magik Meet-ups do so as well. The amazing friends I have come across in short peroid of time Girl Bossing like myself also motivate me.

six: what is your long time passion in life ?

S - My long time passion is to travel the world happily, be immeresed in ethereal love, and help the people in my community.

seven: if you could give any tips or advice to the young girls and women around the world who suffer with loving and accepting who they are, what would you say ?

S -  I would say choose YOU, be you, and grow into you. Know that this cycle is a process that you will repeat for the rest of your life. You will never stop growing, learning to "Be," and choosing you. Know that it is a process not a race. 

eight: what do you feel needs to be told to our beautiful women of color ? do you feel that us women of color hear those words often ? if not, what can we do as a community to change that. 

S - I feel what needs to be told to women of color is that we are ENOUGH. We are BEAUTIFUL. We are so beautiful that society tries to become us. But we cannot be replicated

Are there any social media links that you'd like to share, if so please do not hesitate to leave the links down below.

S - Any social media handle is cool!

(Personal) Instagram: @shydeia & Twitter: ShydeiaC
(Black Girl Magik) Instagram: @blackgirlmagik & Twitter: @blackgmagik