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The inmyskin project, series now presents a chat with samirah:

one: what is your name and where are you located ?

S - My name is Samirah but I’m known as Lu or Lu Writes. I live in Philadelphia PA.

two: what do you feel is your calling in life ?

S - I feel like I’m meant to create. I would like to believe that my body is not an exclusion of that as well. I love to model and I’m currently trying to find ways where I can do more in front of the camera besides being sexy and half naked. I’m not just a model I also decided to start coming up with the concepts and settings that the photos are meant to capture, but first and foremost I am a storyteller. Through poetry and novels, comic books included. I love helping a reader/viewer see what I see. It gives me pleasure to know that I can paint a picture with words that came straight from me. I love knowing that my raw emotion that I put out into the world is relate able to someone halfway across the country it’s a great feeling. My calling is to create, connect, and maybe in the future being a guide will be added.

three: when did you realize your self-worth and how has this journey of self-discovery been for you ? what have you learned the most about yourself ?

S - I realized my self-worth when I got out of high school in 2013. I lost a bunch of friends that I thought were going to be there forever, but I was in denial because I could tell that I was always the different one in the crew. I found myself always being left alone or stuck doing things on my own and I got tired of feeling like a loser because I was different. I sort of gave up at the end of my high school career and I ended up not applying myself the way I should with college, so I ended up in community college. This was the best choice I made for myself, this allowed me to do things at my own pace. I learned that the person I was in high school felt so suffocated because I trapped that person in, in hopes that people would accept me. I battled with depression, domestic violence in my immediate family, along with dealing with my own mentally & emotionally abusive relationship which nearly turned physical. I learned that I am the type of woman that I always looked up to. The kind of woman that does whatever she wants, and I’m not speaking solely on sexual liberation or daring to speak out but I mean being free as a whole. I learned that I am very serious about the things that I am passionate about and sometimes that can cause me to come off as catty. Which of course is not my intentions. Being myself is all I wish to be and that’s not to be defined by what anyone who used to know me, knows me now or will know me in the future will be able to determine. Whatever I grow to be, will be and I love that about myself because I am a wild flower

four: how has your struggles helped you to become a better woman ?

S - Struggling and facing the things that were presented to me allowed me to open myself up to alternatives that weren't necessarily a bad thing. I learned that accepting myself and the people that are around me is the easiest way I can move forward along with growing for the betterment of myself.

five: who or what motivates you to create ?

S - Honestly I would have to say that the people and things around me, as well as myself of course. I get inspired to do things and do better every day just by looking at others around me succeed and even fail. I learn from other’s mistakes as well as my own and I believe that is extremely essential to life. I see models & poets push themselves every day. It sparks something in me to be great as well. I don’t want to let myself down. Holding myself back is almost physically painful. At times I take my time with things but that’s only because I’m pacing myself. I do so many things at once I want everything to come from the heart. I like to produce genuine work, not work that I created because I feel like I have to for others. 

six: what is your long time passion in life ?

S - My long time passion is to push positivity but most of all genuine energy into the world. I want to inspire people to think and do for themselves. I want people to embrace every side that they have and it’s important for me to show people that I am not perfect. A lot of twitter, IG, & Tumblr figures push out one side of them and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but it sometimes gives young minds the idea that they should never accept the fact that they have chaos inside of them. This is almost a blinding and damaging mindset to have because you’re suppressing your true feelings. What I want to inspire people to do is to learn how to deal with the chaos in order to reach the peace. I want to inspire people to take charge and think for themselves and that’s honestly all I can ask for.

seven: if you could give any tips or advice to the young girls and women around the world who suffer with loving and accepting who they are, what would you say ?

S - It takes time to understand yourself especially growing up in this time. With all of the labels and expectations you can feel lost, but if you remember to have security within yourself and your thoughts you will always make the right choices. Security in your own thoughts meaning to be confident in your choices, be sure what you’re doing & saying is for you and not for anyone else. Doing for you is the only thing you can do, because you have to deal with your inner self at the end of the day, not the rest of the world. Live and think for yourself or you’ll be trapped inside of yourself forever.


eight: what do you feel needs to be told to our beautiful women of color ? do you feel that us women of color hear those words often ? if not, what can we do as a community to change that. . .

S - “ How you gone win when you ain’t right within? ” - Lauryn Hill

I believe that we as women of color should step out of ourselves and reevaluate. Think about our approach, think about our mindsets that we throw out, because all in all the way we see other people tells a lot about ourselves. I believe we have a lot of turmoil inside of us because of the rejection that we've been feeling for years. I believe that we should take that heads on. Come to terms with the nonsense that was thrown at us and work on ourselves from the inside out. Only then can we change the things around us. Women of color should stop competing with each other because one women likes weave and the other is into stones. We should embrace ourselves NOT divide ourselves, I don’t believe that we hear this often and that we are able to grasp this concept fully. Of course that will take time but we must make a new bridge to get to where we’re going. Although a lot of people may not understand this but, creation ends war….I truly believe that. 

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S -  Yes, I am the Creator of