+ Reflections of Self

Reflections of Self: a few questions concerning the black community.

When did you realize you were filled with power and strength?

Akilah: Not sure if I've fully come to that realization. What I mean by this is that my brain have acknowledged that I have both strength and power deep within me. However, my heart has yet to feel it. I know I have the ability to do all that I wish to but at times I get a bit discouraged when life knocks me upsidethe head. I am getting better with dealing with those downfalls and set-backs though. All you can do is get better. Sometimes you will feel as if you don't possess these abilities, that's normal but don't ever settle in those negativet houghts and emotions. Don't ever believe that you can't be all that you were meant to be simply because of a few bumps in the road. This is what I've been teaching myself and day-by-day I dig deeper into that strength and power. I know it, I feel it, I will become it.

What are some stereotypes that you wish people would quit bringing up concerning the Black community?

Akilah: It's not necessarily a stereotype but the idea that there's one set way to be Black. We are not the minority we have never been for that matter. There are billions of us spread across the world so for anyone to believe that these billions of people fit in this one concise box or this simplified idea of "Blackness" is beyond idiotic to me. You can love anime and reading comics and still be Black. You can love hiphop, art, poetry, plays, rock 'n' roll (which was created by Blacks anyways) & still be Black. Just a few simple examples but as a beautiful intelligent Black woman by the name of Raven once stated, "We are not a monolith". We come from many different places, environments, and walks of lifes. It's impossible for us to be exactly the same in every way, shape, & form.

Herbeautyspeaks: We all are not  ghetto, uneducated, and weak. We are everything that you think we are not. The misconceptions of being a black woman or man. We are exquisite beings

What do you love most about being a person of color ? 

Herbeautyspeaks: We are a people of strength and courage. We are educated, eloquent, strong-willed, warm hearted, people. We all are not ghetto and uneducated. We all do not look nor act the same. We all come in different shades, and sizes. We carry beauty in every part of who we are, not just our physical appearance alone. We are a people who hold history and stories for further generations to come. We are everything that we are for a reason. Our resilience is one that cannot be matched. Our attitude is one that has kept us going throughout the years. Our love is so damn pure and beautiful beyond anything I've ever witnessed. 

What woman or man of color influences your life the most ? 

Herbeautyspeaks: I want to thank Maya Angelou for her grace & Sonia Sanchez for her inspiration, and ability to make me fall in love with poetry all over again. I have been told that your spirit lives deeply within each poem of mine. Phylicia Rashad for her poise. Nayyirah Waheed & Bilphena Yahwon, for your soul captivating melodies of prose poetry and breathtaking rhythms. Erykah Badu for her sharing a piece of her soul. Kendrick lamar for his powerful and everlasting lyrics and carefree attitude. Alicia Keys for her humility. Langston Hughes for sharing our truth. Solange Knowles for not giving a care and being a woman of influence. Martin Luther King Jr. for his dignity and strong beliefs. Nelson Mandela for being a source of inspiration while living through such a controversial time. Bob Marley for his words of light, peace, and love and unforgettable mark on the world. Obama for his strength, courage, and bravery. Oprah Winfrey for her perserverance and giving heart. Mary McLeod Bethune for listening to her spirit and walking into the light of her calling.