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The in his skin, project will now explore the mind of Jonathan:

001:  What is your name and where do you currently reside ?

J -  My name is Jonathan LaGuer, and I reside in Manhattan, New York. Harlem to be exact.

002: Who influences your life the most ? 

J - The most influential person(s) in my life would have to be my parents. The more I talk to them the more I realize that they’re just as lost as I am with a sprinkle of wisdom that has been accumulated with experience and time. It really shows their humanity and ability to relate, and seeing what they've accomplished given what they had, or lack thereof, puts things in perspective for me.

003:  What is your purpose in life?

J -  I wish I had a definitive answer for what my purpose in life is. I somewhat envy those who can answer that question. What I can say is that my life isn’t worth living if I'm living for myself. Now how does that look going forward, I believe it to be servant-hood. The willful, and joyful giving of self for the benefit of others. And there's unlimited ways that can be accomplished.

004: What are your thoughts on the place that black men hold in society? 

J - The place black men hold in society has changed with time. But today as it stands in my opinion the black man in society is on the cusp of a resurgence. They are more self aware of their economic, social, an political position and they are starting to realize, that it just isn’t enough. I’ve seen more of a collective effort in the empowerment and advancement for the black man today than I have a couple of years back. Whether its through encouragement, investment, or rebuking of blatant ignorance. It is all pointing to a higher capacity of self.

005: What do you hope for people to gather from your work? 

J - I'm hoping that people can find remnants of themselves in my work. Whenever I put pen to paper it is always preceded with time spent inspecting myself, my thoughts and how it relates to the world around me. I'm hoping that people can find my work to be relate able, inspirational, and educational.

006: How has love helped you become a stronger man?

J - Love has helped realize how much of it I was failing the extend. Pure, unconditional love has opened my eyes to how tainted and self- serving my love was. Being a recipient of that pure kind of love helped my see the strength in weakness, and the wholeness that comes with sacrifice.

007: When did you realize that you were comfortable in your own skin? 

J - I realized I was comfortable in my own skin pretty early on in life. My parents did an excellent job in the reinforcing of self acceptance and self love. Of course there were times of insecurity, but that only came when I felt the need to compare myself to others. Once I stopped doing that I was truly able to love the man I am and get excited of the man im going to become.

008:  What do you love most about being a man of color ?

J - What I love most about being a black man is the adversity that we always seem to overcome. The box that we never seem to fit in. The glass ceiling that we always seem to shatter. The expectations that we always seem to surpass and the variation of how each of those accomplishments look like. 

009: Name some lessons that a woman has taught you. . . 

J - One lesson that a woman has taught me comes from my mentor Dawn as it relates to dating, it simply goes “not every good woman you come across is going to be YOUR good woman”. Words that have helped me increase in wisdom and discernment.

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