+ cheyenne robinson

The inmyskin project series, now presents a chat with Cheyenne Robinson:

one: what is your name and where are you located ?

C - Cheyenne Robinson , and I'm from Louisiana.

two: what do you feel is your calling in life ?

C -  I feel that my calling in life is to be someone that everyone doesn't know .. ..throughout my craft of photography, paintings, and drawings. It is to motive others when they are on a blank page with no thoughts, to speak and give knowledge to the unknown and continue to create and reach my own goals on my journey to the future.

three: when did you realize your self-worth and how has this journey of self-discovery been for you ? what have you learned the most about yourself ?

C - It took me a while to realize my self worth as an individual, it really did. But I realized that you shouldn'tcompare your individuality to another being because they will never be you. It's something that is very important to understand. This journey wasn't as hard for me but it wasn't always easy to cope with either. I've learned a lot about myself like learning to express myself artistically , doing what makes me happy , and being proud of my sexuality as a black queer woman. I've also learned to value being in love and loving myself.

four: how has your struggles helped you to become a better woman ?

C -  Certainly, my struggles have made me a better woman and also taught me a lot about myself that I didn't know before.

five: who or what motivates you to create ?

C - The simple things of life itself motivates me , sometimes strangers , friends, and my lover.

six: what is your long time passion in life ?

C - My long time passion will always be photography!

seven: if you could give any tips or advice to the young girls and women around the world who suffer with loving and accepting who they are, what would you say ?

C - I would say you are worth everything you think you aren't love yourself ! Your flaws make you your own person so own that ! Be confident in your own skin don't pay attention to ugly words because they will always be there but as long as you do you will forget that they even have a meaning.

eight: what do you feel needs to be told to our beautiful women of color ? do you feel that us women of color hear those words often ? if not, what can we do as a community to change that. . .

C - To my women of color your voice matters , your skin matters , your shape and size matter , your roots matter, your lives matter. We often hear these words from the support of each other. We do not hear it a lot from other races or the system. In order to change that we must continue to stick together and support each other.