Marceau Photeau: Imperfection (Part 2)

Imperfection is about highlighting one's flaws and bringing them to the forefront with makeup and wardrobe styling. In Part 2 of the series, the stories of African American women are shared as each woman speaks on the journey of learning how to embrace her imperfections in the midst of a time where social media plays a major role in the way that women view themselves. 

Through this series, Marceau's intent is to positively spread awareness through photography and video in order to create an open discussion on this topic while encouraging young women of color to appreciate their natural features and not feel pressured by society's traditional beauty standards.


Photographer: Marceau Photeau

Wardrobe Stylist: @brico.ladoux

Makeup Artist: Stephanie Espinoza

Models: Erica Renee & Johari Noelle

 #IMPERFECTION Part 2 | Full Video Below. 

Destiny Thomas